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Over the weekend we cooked Αστακομακαρονάδα (astakomakaronada), lobster and spaghetti cooked in a white wine, olive oil and crushed tomato sauce. The first time that I was treated to this dish was in Μόλυβος (Molivos) on the Island of Lέσβος (Lesvos). We had lived on Lesvos for a few months in the summer, a beautiful island with incredible food and a seemingly endless supply of the islands famed Ούζο (Ouzo).  The nights were spectacular,  a constant warm embrace accompanied by the enduring sensation of nourishment. It holds a special place in my heart and gave me a different perspective of Greece, its people and their daily life. In honour of the remembered moments I thought to cook αστακομακαρονάδα for our Christmas day feast and boy did it satisfy. We failed to move on to dessert. Shocking I know. But the meal was complete.

I must admit that I am a complete wimp and couldn’t bring myself to ‘doing the deed’ so I purchased the lobsters pre-cooked. Before adding them to the sauce I stole a few quick pictures. I am enamored by their beautiful armoured bodies and the vibrant, stimulating colours revealed when exposed to heat. Sumptuous.

cool colours.

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Everything outside is white and we have finally lost the front step. The winter solstice is only two days away and marking the event with a full lunar eclipse shall mean that our holiday season week shall be glorious. I do however suffer from the lack of colour during the winter months so much so that I have started a ‘paint the house green’ campaign which is gathering ground with my husband. My succulent garden inside is alleviating some of the deprivation but my veggie garden is looking somewhat dismal. It is elevated and this is as close as I could get this morning. I was forced back by a mammoth parade and resigned to leave it now until the snow melts. Hoping that everyone enjoys wonderfully happy holidays!

Anni’s washers.

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Seeing that we are ‘renovating’, which is an inadequate word for the work that we have to do on our house, we have been spending an inordinate amount of time at the hardware store. Staring, dazed up the nail, screw, nut and bolt isle during the week, I thought that I should probably not walk away without the supplies to create one of Anni Albers washer necklaces. They were very quick to make, each one taking only half an hour to thread. One could fit right in to any home reno wearing a bunch of these. Quite chic!


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It seems an utterly retro thing to have to say but over the weekend, I was hacked, well my site was hacked. Apparently this cyber bullying still happens. I can’t see what breaking the code of a new blog with next to no readers accomplishes but bravo , success! All one can say is well, bummer!