When the shop opened did someone say “break a leg”?

Posted: June 2nd, 2011 | Author: Kathryn | Filed under: garden | Tags: , | 1 Comment »

broken ankle x-ray

I have invented a new sport … extreme gardening! So extreme that I broke my leg doing it yesterday! What a silly thing to do. Although, it is not so surprising when you learn that I broke my arm flying a kite. I grew up riding horses, racing motorbikes and waterskiing and only ever got the occasion wind, bump, scrape or mouth full of dirt. It seems utterly ridiculous to have broken my leg, out at midnight chasing away slugs. I managed an impressive two breaks and now sport an 8 cm long screw to show for my midnight murderous antics. Unfortunately this benches me for a few weeks but not to worry. If I can sneak up the guilty garden path without my husband seeing I shall be back to it in no time!