Palais des Beaux Arts de Lille – Museum of Fine Arts, Lille

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Last week we popped into the Palais des Beaux Arts in Lille, not being an exhaustive museum it only took us a couple of hours to see all of the rooms. The building is beautiful, grand and majestic. You feel closer to the walls in this museum when compared to other, more laden galleries. It can at times feel more as if you have entered a palace with a large collection of art rather than a building holding so much art that you don’t notice it at all. There is plenty of space so you can walk freely through the rooms and have a small sense of what the building would have been like when in private use.

These are the things that I saw that stood out this time. The light was just right in the marble room, just right!

Ernest-Eugéne Hiolle, Narcisse, 1868;

Alfred Agache, Etude de vieille femme, 1880;

Antoine Vollon (1833-1900), Vase de fleurs;

Antoine Vollon (1833-1900), Vase de fleurs, detail;

Emile Bernard, Aprés le bain, les nymphes, 1908;

Carolus-Duran born charles Emile Auguste Durant, L’Homme endormi, 1861;

Augustin-Théodule Ribot, Saint Vincent, 1860;

Augustin-Théodule Ribot, Saint Vincent, 1860, close;

A section of floor in the Palais des Beaux Arts de Lille;

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