Building a yardage screen printing table.

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We’re building a yardage screen printing table! Well in truth my husband Ari is building the new print table, and I’m his gofer. It’s a massive undertaking and I imagine that most people when looking at that pile of square metal section would quickly become overwhelmed and somewhat discouraged, but not Ari. So two weeks ago the steel along with the wooden panels for the printing surface and the spacious, very much needed, ‘super shelf’ arrived. Since then we’ve scrubbed and cleaned the steel stock and he’s cut and welded it, this has gone on for days. But after some true grit, the legs are now complete and we are ready to assemble the rest of the table. They have wonderful adjustable feet to ensure that we can level the table easily on our original French ceramic tile floors and in the process he’s also readied the metal for painting. Here are a few pictures from the construction thus far. Next week: assembling the table and welding it into its new permanent spot in the workshop.

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A surprisingly small pile of steel. Each piece is 6 metres long and with a very well thought out design and cutting list, very little wastage. Those right angles on top are the registration bars and I’m so pleased to find that they are perfectly straight:

steel for print table, registration bars

You can see by the red gloves that there is a great deal of oil and fine metal particles on the surface. You can weld with this on the surface but it was easier to clean and do the first stages in painting prep now rather than as a table. A few hours and we had them to a point where you could handle them with bare hands and not get covered in oil:


Fine steel particles in the bottom of the bucket after cleaning make lovely patterns textures:

steel particles


cutting steel with a Rage 3 Evolution dry saw

For welding, Aris made a jig that holds the leg sections in place and at correct angles. He would then spot weld to secure them and finish off the welding out of the jig. There are nine of these sections:

Screen printing table leg jig

Cut and brushed steel in the jig ready for welding:

Steel prepared for welding

Welding, so much fun to photograph. I had to take these shots with my eyes closed to protect them from UV overexposure:



Making the female component for the adjustable feet using the drill press:

Drill press

Drill press

The female component on the bottom of the legs ready for welding:

Making the feet. Aris welded various washers and nuts onto the bottom of threaded rod to make the adjustable feet:


After the weld and ready for cleaning and polishing:

Welded adjustable foot

Polished and unpolished feet:

Polished and unpolished adjustable feet

The finished foot, these screw into the bottom of the legs and can be adjusted where need be:

Polished, finished foot

I’ll be back next week with an update on our progress! I hope that everyone enjoys their weekend!