Building a yardage screen printing table – part 3

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This week has seen the most intensive week in building this table, mostly due the massive amount of measuring, levelling, checking and re-checking and then of course, welding. Aris has made 588 welds to get the table to this point and the surprisingly tedious aspect is that you can’t just stay in the same spot and weld all of the joins at that spot. You have to spread it around, one weld on the 1st corner, one on the second, one in the third, one on the fourth and back to the first again. This is done in an effort to reduce overheating and warping of the metal. It is imperative that the table stays as flat and as level as possible so that when we lay the wooden surface on top, it doesn’t roll and warp. Aris is trying his best to get the best possible printing surface which means being extremely conscientious in monitoring the metal and working it properly.

The good news is that the welding is now complete and I’m so proud and overwhelmed with how hard Aris has worked to get it to this point. He’s done a beautiful job and it is extremely well made. We pulled out the measuring tape, held our breath and measured the length of each side of the table. We were both extremely pleased to see that both sides of the table are exactly the same length and only 1 mm short of the intended length. That’s extraordinary considering that this is his first welding project!

So what’s left to do? We now have to prepare the registration bars, attach them and then we will get painting.

I hope that everyone has a fabulous week. See you next week with an update.

Half of the legs installed:

Printing table legs half installed

All of the legs installed:

Table legs fully installed

Verifying spacing between each leg segment:

Verifying spaces between each legs segment

The long process of levelling each leg using a water-level. We discovered that there is nearly a 10 cm gradient in the floor … thank goodness Aris made the adjustable legs long enough to compensate for such a discovery. Good thinking!

Levelling the table legs

View under the table

This is one of Aris’s ‘learn to weld’ blocks:

Learn to weld block

And look how far he’s come, beautiful weld:

Good weld

More welding, a huge amount of welding:


You can see here between the first and second leg segments, we have welded in six horizontal beams, one on each corner and two in the centre, top and bottom. The third leg has been clamped and braced to the complete unit on the left and it is ready for welding:

Welding in horiztonal beams and braces

Top view of the clamping:

Welding in horiztonal beams and braces

Post welding, grinding the welds on the joins that sit under the table surface, they must be absolutely flat to ensure that the surface sits as flat and level as possible:

Grinding the weld

Making the final welds on the underside of the table, an awkward position:

Making the final welds

And finally, after many hours and a great deal of work, the welding has finished. Isn’t it fabulous?

Finished welding

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    I’d love to see the final product and learn more about the registration bar. Is there another post on this?

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