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Over the weekend we cooked Αστακομακαρονάδα (astakomakaronada), lobster and spaghetti cooked in a white wine, olive oil and crushed tomato sauce. The first time that I was treated to this dish was in Μόλυβος (Molivos) on the Island of Lέσβος (Lesvos). We had lived on Lesvos for a few months in the summer, a beautiful island with incredible food and a seemingly endless supply of the islands famed Ούζο (Ouzo).  The nights were spectacular,  a constant warm embrace accompanied by the enduring sensation of nourishment. It holds a special place in my heart and gave me a different perspective of Greece, its people and their daily life. In honour of the remembered moments I thought to cook αστακομακαρονάδα for our Christmas day feast and boy did it satisfy. We failed to move on to dessert. Shocking I know. But the meal was complete.

I must admit that I am a complete wimp and couldn’t bring myself to ‘doing the deed’ so I purchased the lobsters pre-cooked. Before adding them to the sauce I stole a few quick pictures. I am enamored by their beautiful armoured bodies and the vibrant, stimulating colours revealed when exposed to heat. Sumptuous.

the first wholesale order.

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Its fair to say that I am pretty excited about our first wholesale order shipping out this week. These are Union (52% Linen / 48% Cotton) towels printed in the first of my designs to go to print, ‘Tsai’. I will show more of this design shortly …