and all the horses and their riders came together….

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Two summers ago there were a series of horse races in our family village in Greece. It was a marvelous day of heat, sweat and noise. From early the horses were chomping on their bits to run. The racing was spectacular, the horses were energetic and virile, ravaging the opportunity to unleash their spirit. There was head throwing, grunting and horse spit. It was fantastic.

Photos by Aristeidis Skarpetis © 2009

waiting for my ride.

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I spotted this at the entrance to our mechanic’s workshop in the village over. It has not been altered, the colours precisely as vivid in life. I thought I’d share ….

an introduction.

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Most of those who will read this first post already know what I do, the rest have read more recent posts and now also know what I do. So, this post is rather an administrative detail on how things are going to progress. I have decided to release one design at a time. This slow introduction of work more accurately represents the process and I believe that it’s a good thing to have a body of work that is constantly evolving and introducing something new to those watching. I have thought at length about the advantages of releasing a collection of designs and products or releasing per design but I have rested on the latter. It will allow more time to savor and it will help me better organise and produce.

As they say in Greek – Σιγά σιγά!