Château de Chantilly

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Early in the Summer I took a very quick trip to Chantilly. Unfortunately I didn’t get to do a complete visit and literally went from the front gate to the gift shop and then took a quick ride around the gardens. These images are far from a thorough view but I’ll be heading back to do the complete tour soon and will re-post then. The buildings are not as they were originally intended, it was set upon without mercy during the French revolution and destroyed then re-built during the 1870s to a fairly unhappy chorus of critics. It has impressive, tranquil grounds, including its very own family of kangaroos, which (if I have my facts in order) are the living descendants of the original kangaroo family, imported a very long time ago from Australia.  Being only a short distance from Charles de Gaulle, the Château de Chantilly is a lovely first stop and welcome to arriving guests!

The decorative anti-siege security system over the moat.

The view from the gift shop, it is a beautiful room and so romantic!

Exiting the gift shop:

I have a vague impression that the Chateau was used as a country lodge of sorts, there are quite a few animal sculptures around that make me think it so, a strong rural theme!

A modest garden when compared to that of the Château de Villandry but extremely tranquil, many many birds.