a map.

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This map is printed on fabric. It lives in the museum at La Coupole, the unfinished German installation that was designed and built to launch V2 rockets at London during World War Two. It is a unique facility having been designed to withstand heavy fire from the air and so was built as a dome, its walls 5 metres thick and positively threatening when viewed from below.

As I understand it, British pilots were given this finely woven and printed cloth to aid them in the event that they were shot down or crashed in the troubled zone. The map, being that it was made from cloth was easily concealed in the foot of a boot or any such other place of hiding without being damaged or made unreadable. It doesn’t crease or break upon the fold and you certainly don’t loose the print over the bend. Unfortunately you can see only what is visible in the photographs but I suspect there is a closer view on the reverse side of the cloth. It has not been hemmed but has raw edges that have been treated I suppose in an effort to prevent fraying. I have not been able to find a great deal of information about them but there must be many in circulation. The most striking quality is the detail of print, exceptionally fine and beautifully printed. The red and orange still vibrant. I was so pleased to see it on display!