’tis the season.

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It has arrived … seeding season! First stage seeding and germination is well under way here. I have planted the vegetables that require a longer season than others and need to be started off indoors. There are four varieties of tomato, three cucumbers, three varieties of aubergine, 5 varieties of sweet pepper, alpine strawberries and some specially cultivated dwarf sunflowers that only grow to a short height but have a normal sized bloom. All up, there are 50 seedlings baring their first true leaves.

I am a complete ‘sucker’ for edible plants and am forever in awe of that little seed and how quickly it turns into a fruit baring plant. Every time I get up from my desk I loom over them and ‘tickle’ the tomatoes to strengthen their stems. I cart them here and their making sure that everyday they get the required amount of light and warmth. If all goes to plan it will take only 60 days for the Spacemaster cucumber below to have ready to pick fruit. Just brilliant! I’m looking forward to Summer.

An heirloom ‘Purple Ukraine’ pole tomato.

Cucumber ‘Spacemaster’ has just dropped its seed shell.

Heirloom miniature white cucumber with its first true poking through

My 30 something succulents that adorn our bedhead are very happy with the change of season.