a spring platter.

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I have a very good friend, the best of sorts, who is also an extremely talented ‘chef de cuisine’. Some of my favourite food memories have been made and prepared by his hands and over time he has taught me a lot about cooking and food appreciation.

He works all over the world so I get loads of brilliant, delicious pictures to scour through regularly. Last week, he emailed me this superb platter which he served to guests attending a garden wedding in Spain. He cooked and served solo for this event which is a feat in itself but more importantly in the panic and shear enormity of the task at hand, he faultlessly manages to be creative, have fun and enjoy the experience.

I was hoping the photo would serve as inspiration for this seasons dining! All of the cuttings came from the family’s garden …

Food and photo by Ali Palmieri.

and all the horses and their riders came together….

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Two summers ago there were a series of horse races in our family village in Greece. It was a marvelous day of heat, sweat and noise. From early the horses were chomping on their bits to run. The racing was spectacular, the horses were energetic and virile, ravaging the opportunity to unleash their spirit. There was head throwing, grunting and horse spit. It was fantastic.

Photos by Aristeidis Skarpetis © 2009