a leaflet.

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Neither my husband nor myself are photographers but last week we took on the responsibility of capturing a publicity shot for a small Australian loose leaf tea brand. It really was great fun, the room smelt positively delicious with nearly 60 varieties of tea open and laid out over the props table. I had brewed quite a number of them to find just the right colour for the image. The variety of shade and tone that can come from so many different teas and blends is wonderful. You can find half the colour wheel in the steeping of leaves from the same species of plant. Brilliant. From those who have seen the pic so far we have had happy responses but we shall see how it fares branded and out in the world….


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Over the weekend we cooked Αστακομακαρονάδα (astakomakaronada), lobster and spaghetti cooked in a white wine, olive oil and crushed tomato sauce. The first time that I was treated to this dish was in Μόλυβος (Molivos) on the Island of Lέσβος (Lesvos). We had lived on Lesvos for a few months in the summer, a beautiful island with incredible food and a seemingly endless supply of the islands famed Ούζο (Ouzo).  The nights were spectacular,  a constant warm embrace accompanied by the enduring sensation of nourishment. It holds a special place in my heart and gave me a different perspective of Greece, its people and their daily life. In honour of the remembered moments I thought to cook αστακομακαρονάδα for our Christmas day feast and boy did it satisfy. We failed to move on to dessert. Shocking I know. But the meal was complete.

I must admit that I am a complete wimp and couldn’t bring myself to ‘doing the deed’ so I purchased the lobsters pre-cooked. Before adding them to the sauce I stole a few quick pictures. I am enamored by their beautiful armoured bodies and the vibrant, stimulating colours revealed when exposed to heat. Sumptuous.

the first wholesale order.

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Its fair to say that I am pretty excited about our first wholesale order shipping out this week. These are Union (52% Linen / 48% Cotton) towels printed in the first of my designs to go to print, ‘Tsai’. I will show more of this design shortly …

printing glory.

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I’ve been busy printing, which I love. It really is wonderful, the repetition. Fresh ink. Tthere are few things more satisfying than lifting the screen to reveal the first print of a new design.